ARDF Home Page Nybyggeskolan 1998
Photo album from the ARDF training course in Nybyggeskolan, Västerås, Sweden 1998.
Last updated Nov. 5, 1998.

The students Aisraa Al-Zwair, Fatima Husein and Anna Welin search the area for signals.

The girls, Aisraa, Fatima, Anna, Marlene Johansson, Natalie Neterowicz and Sofia Sandström are patiently listening to Ragge Jagero.

Patsy Vasquez Ortiz can hear something, what is it?

Patsy, Fatima and Anna are posing with their radio direction equipment.

Some of the students together with Ragge Jagero.
From the left : Kristoffer Wretlund, Aisraa, Patsy, Fatima, Robin Mortensson, Nathalie, Jessica Malmström and Anna.

Robin, Patsy, Fatima, Nathalie, Jessica and Anna get some instructions from Ragge Jagero.

Where is it?
Signals are coming from everywhere!

All the students with Ragge Jagero and principal John Larsson at Nybyggeskolan.

Edited by Hans Sundgren, SM5SVM.