Swedish radio orienteering – ARDF

The Swedish ARDF page is mainly presented in the Swedish language, but some pages are in English.



GPS tracks from competitions

html GPS tracks Look at the GPS track-animations and learn from the best runners. Up to 4 runners are shown at the same time, in the same animation.

Interactive demonstrations and games

html Listen to the posts Learn how the transmitters sound and test your ability to identify them.
html ARDF Games Run the 144 MHz simulator.

About Swedish ARDF

html GPS tracks GPS track animation of runners during competition. See for example 3 runners in action during a 7-post competition: 2008-08-11 Vilsta
html ARDF in Sweden History article, last updated 1995.
html Swedish ARDF organization The managers and the responsibilities
html Tracks of competition Follow the tracks of runners in a 7-transmitter hunt
html Email list Emails of some Swedish radio-orienteers

Link pages

html ARDF links worldwide List of major ARDF pages around the world.
html ARDF equipment links List of some equipment suppliers.
html ARDF literature List of literature, last updated 1996...


World Championships 1994
Program and rules Extracts from the official program, including partcipating countries 1980 to 1994
Results, medal list Country medal list 1980 to 1994


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